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Videos Added 3/25/2016
Jackie Evancho new single: "Coming Home Pt II"

Article Added Added 3/24/2016
Jackie Evancho Covers Skylar Grey's 'Coming Home, Pt. II' in Soaring New Music Video
2016 - March 24 •  People

Videos Added 1/28/2016
Jackie Evancho new single: "Writing's on the Wall"

Article Added Added 1/28/2016
Jackie Evancho Debuts 'Writing's On The Wall' Video On JJJ (Exclusive Premiere)
2016 - January 28 •  Just Jared Jr.

Article Added Added 1/15/2016
Stealing the Show - Q & A with Jackie Evancho
2016 - January 14 • Christina Keyes - Naples Illustrated

Article Added Added 1/13/2016
Jackie Evancho makes 1st visit to Lakeland
2016 - January 13 • Tori Walker - The Ledger

Videos Added 12/17/2015
Jackie Evancho new single: "Safe & Sound"

Article Added Added 12/17/2015
Jackie Evancho Releases Stunning Cover of Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars' 'Safe and Sound'
2015 - December 17 • Jeff Nelson - People

Article Added Added 8/26/2015
Teen Singing Sensation Jackie Evancho To Perform At The Bushnell
2015 - August 25 • MaryEllen Fillo - The Hartford Courant

Article Added Added 8/25/2015
 See Jackie’s New Music Video- Ed Sheeran’s ‘All Of The Stars’
2015 - August 23 •  Jackie Evancho Official Website

Article Added Added 8/22/2015
 Jackie Evancho Wows With 'All The Stars' Music Video
2015 - August 22 •  Just Jared Jr.

Videos Added 8/21/2015
Jackie Evancho new single: "All of the Stars"

1 comment:

  1. Dear Ms. Evancho:

    Your voice is lovely. Each of your released albums is in my possession, and I often listen to your songs on Google Videos as I work. As for collaborations, I especially like the work you did with Peter Hollens on “Hallelujah”. A note: if you have not already heard his “Mary, Did You Know” (and I am sure you have), please give it a listen. Peter does a six-part harmony...with himself. Amazing.

    Now to my purpose for writing this letter: Please bring out an album of current songs that you have covered, i.e., “Blank Space”, “Writing’s On The Wall”, “Safe and Sound”, and “All of the Stars”, among others. Include, if you can, “Hallelujah” with Peter Hollens. You have covered songs much better than the original singers. It would be wonderful for you to continue this avenue of singing, while also maintaining your classical roots.

    Also, I am waiting for the day I can order your CD of original songs written just for you. I’d like that album to be more along the lines of the covers you have recently done. Your voice deserves to be heard by an ever-increasing audience, and I think there are many people who would appreciate your talent if you sang music of a more popular style. I look forward to you winning your first Grammy (with more to follow).

    Do this and I promise to buy an album for my ex-wife, my grandchildren, and myself. See...you have sold albums already!