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These are mostly formal interviews on TV appearances, some of which may include a singing performance before or after the interview. Some informal back-stage interviews may also be included.

Off-Stage\Behind the Scenes
These are videos of Jackie in informal situations. May also include some back-stage interviews

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Promotional TV Appearances & Special Events
These are videos of Jackie performing at various TV show appearances or special events. Some videos may include interviews before or after singing performance.

Concert Performances
These are videos of Jackie singing at concert events. Most are of lower quality video and audio taken by audience members using digital cameras or cell phones.

These are videos of Jackie performing on America's Got Talent shows. May also include performances at affiliated shows such as Britain's Got Talent and Canada's Got Talent.

These are videos of Jackie's earlier years performances before she became a contestant on Ameria's Got Talent.

These are other videos, not necessarily related to her singing career.

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